Executive Committee 2021-2022

Wondering who’s who? Trying to figure out who would be the best port-of-call for a query? Look no further! Find out about each member of the Executive’s roles and responsibilities.

Charlotte Baxendale

JCR President

JCR President

Hi! I’m Charlotte, a second year Theology student and the new JCR President. I represent our undergraduate community within college and to the wider university, work closely with college to ensure that student views are represented, and deal with any general concerns.

In my spare time, I try to get involved in University Drama as much as possible. I have acted, produced, and marketed for shows. I co-created the OUDS podcast which is really exciting. I also enjoy being a part of the University women’s lacrosse team. Alongside this I love spending time in the JCR and the Bar. Please feel free to get in touch with me about anything! I’m always happy to have a chat 🙂


Harriet Gill

JCR Vice-President

Hiya, I’m Harriet, a second year Theology student and the JCR’s Vice-President. My main responsibilities include supporting Charlie and running Fresher’s Week with Ella. I also sit on the college academic committees, and bring students concerns or issues with academic provision to college. As well as this, I get to source the carnations for exams, which makes the prospect of actually sitting the exams slightly less scary!!

I’m really excited to be involved in the exec this year, and to represent the JCR to college. Most of my role is odd-jobs (other than Freshers Week!) so I’ll always be around to support the other exec members. I’m also looking forward to working with the JCR officers and helping them get the most out of their roles.

Ultimately, I’m just excited for the opportunity to wear the most ridiculous homemade earrings I can to college meetings!

Nina Garcia-Lecuona

JCR Secretary

Lily Varley

JCR Treasurer

Ella Cronin

JCR Welfare Information Officer

Leia Ransley

JCR Social Secretary

Mimi Sellors

JCR Bar Manager

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