Executive Committee 2020-2021

Wondering who’s who? Trying to figure out who would be the best port-of-call for a query? Look no further! Find out about each member of the Executive’s roles and responsibilities.

Nicholas Crompton

JCR President

Hi, my name’s Nicky and I’m a second year geographer and the JCR President. In a nutshell, my role means working to ensure as positive an experience for all members of the Regent’s undergraduate body as possible. This includes working closely with College on a range of issues such as rent negotiations; representing the JCR in the wider university; and also leading the wonderful JCR Executive Committee.

Within College, I’ve been involved with a few things. I was formerly the JCR Secretary; I play for our famous football team; and I have served on bar committee and Freshers’ Week committee. There’s such a great range of things to get involved with at Regent’s on top of your degree, with all levels of experience and aptitude most welcome and encouraged! This is one of the great things about being in a small college. Meanwhile, outside of college, I’ve enjoyed getting involved in a number of societies in the wider university, and am currently working on putting together a conference on international development in February.

I’ve absolutely loved my time at Regent’s so far, and hope to help you do so too, so please do get in touch with any questions or concerns you may have; I’d be delighted to help.


Deia Russell-Smith

JCR Vice-President

Hey, I’m Deia and I am a current second year reading History and English. My role as the Vice President for the JCR includes fore-fronting our academic concerns to the SCR, organising Freshers Week in October 2020 and supporting our President, Nicky. Any concerns over academia and tutorials that students of the JCR feel, as well as third year accommodation (and really any issues) can go through me. Alongside Ellie, I will be coordinating and creating a fantastic and enjoyable freshers experience for the incoming cohort. As well as organising punting, which is a fun Oxford tradition, in the summer!

Last year I was part of Bar Committee and I also rowed in the women’s boat – and got blades last summer! This year in Regents I will also be helping with the design and the creative aspect of Final Fling in Trinity Term.

Outside of Regents I am involved in student journalism; I write for Industry Magazine and I am Profile Section Editor for the Cherwell in Hilary 2020, one of Oxford’s largest student newspapers. I am also involved with the Broad Street Humanities Review on their creative team, which is the only totally student run newspaper for the university.

My plans for the upcoming year include making punting easy and accessible for all of the JCR, as well as financially viable. I will also be occupied with Freshers Committee from the beginning of Hilary and organising funding and events to make it a really enjoyable week! As my role includes academic concerns I will also be paying particular attention to the issues which are felt by those who take joint schools degrees, and expressing any of those concerns to the relevant tutors.


Samuel Ackroyd

JCR Treasurer
JCR Development Officer

Hi I’m Sam, a second year PPE student and the JCR’s Treasurer. In this capacity, my main job is ensuring that HMS JCR stays well afloat, keeping a close eye on expenditure and the main sources income. Day to day, it’s my responsibility to: make sure you’re able to read a variety (well, two) newspapers and university-wide publications; that you can enjoy a decent coffee while perusing said newspapers, along with a properly funded biscuit selection; and that the people who bought said biscuits are reimbursed as swiftly as possible!

This year, I’m very keen to expand our usual income streams beyond heavy reliance upon capitation and the levy. As such, I’d love anyone with passions for funding and development to let me know!

Away from the role and degree, you’ll see me as part of the RPC Men’s Boat, and the infamously successful RPC Badminton Team (of which, to be honest, I can take very little credit for). I also take pride in representing the JCR as its Development Officer (until Hilary 2020), as well as harbouring keen interests in wider university issues such as access and outreach. Further to this interest, I am involved with the Oxford First Gen Society (which everyone should take a look at), and have featured in outreach-centred videos commissioned by the University (which nobody should take a look at)!


Rosie Walsh

JCR Secretary

Hi! I’m Rosie, I’m in my first year reading History and Secretary of the Regents’ JCR. The main part of my role (and arguably the most important) is organising Brew: free tea, coffee and biscuits twice every day in the JCR. I’m also responsible for informing college about events within the wider university, creating the Park Life magazine and administering JCR meetings. Brew is a great chance to take a break and catch up with friends and is something unique to Regents which really helps to create close friendships, no matter what year you are in.

Although I was worried before I came to Regents that I didn’t know much about it, I soon came to love how close everyone is and the warm and welcoming atmosphere that characterises college. The great thing about being smaller than other colleges is that it is much easier to get to know everyone and there will always be someone around you can chat to!

When I’m not working, I enjoy rowing and baking, and exploring the city. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with events within college and across the whole university, with ambassador schemes and student newspapers just a couple of options for those looking to get involved. Oxford, and Regents especially, is a great place to live and to study, where there really is something for everyone.


Ellie Harrington

JCR Welfare Information Officer

Hiya I’m Ellie, a second year reading English and the current JCR Welfare Information Officer. My role is mainly focused on keeping members of the JCR safe, both mentally and physically, as well as showing people the best routes through college to solve any problems. I act as a link between the SCR, JCR and wider Uni to discuss current welfare issues and work to improve welfare.

On top of this, I co-ordinate the workings of the men’s, women’s, gender and sexuality and visiting student’s officers alongside our amazing peer supporters – all of whom have gone through professional training with the Oxford University Counselling Service (including myself and the other welfare officers). I want to create an environment where people can talk openly about how they’re doing, raise any concerns, and where everyone feels welcome and supported by our fab welfare team!

Outside of welfare I get involved with a lot of student drama, from acting to directing. I also row and have written for the Cherwell, one of Oxford’s main student newspapers, and sung in our college choir.


Emily Naylor

JCR Bar Manager

Bio pending.


Ginny Gough

JCR Social Secretary

Bio pending.


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