Executive Committee 2020-2021

Wondering who’s who? Trying to figure out who would be the best port-of-call for a query? Look no further! Find out about each member of the Executive’s roles and responsibilities.

Rosie Walsh

JCR President

Hey! I’m Rosie and I’m a second year Historian and the JCR President for this year. Essentially, that means I represent our undergraduate community to the wider university, work closely with college to ensure that student views are represented, and deal with any general concerns.

Most of what I do involves meetings, emails and leading the wonderful Executive Committee to ensure the best possible experience for our members. When I’m not doing this or my degree, you’ll find me drinking tea or finding any excuse for a chat in our common room. I also used to row for the Regent’s Park College Women’s Boat, was formerly the JCR Secretary before becoming President and have taken part in various outreach ambassador schemes within the wider university.

Although I was worried before I came to Regents that I didn’t know much about it, I soon came to love how close everyone is and the warm and welcoming atmosphere that characterises college. The great thing about being smaller than other colleges is that it is much easier to get to know everyone and there will always be someone around you can chat to!

I’m always very happy to hear any concerns or suggestions and keen to help wherever I can, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can help with.


Jonathon Tevendale

JCR Vice-President

Hello, I’m Jonathan, a second year Historian and the JCR’s Vice-President. As such, I take responsibility for a few things. I’ll be running freshers’ week with Tom, the head of welfare. I take undergraduates’ academic concerns to college, with whom I meet bi-termly. I manage the housing ballot. I source giant, beautiful flowers so everyone looks sleek for their exams. And, most importantly of all, I support our leader Rosie, and make sure public office doesn’t become too burdensome.

The Exec exists to keep the JCR running smoothly. We represent you to college, purchase nice food for us to consume, run one of two fully student-run bars in Oxford, and support your motions and ideas. The JCR belongs to all of us, and it’s incredibly easy to get involved: informally, by sounding an idea in a meeting, or requesting funding for an event; and formally, by running for one of our many positions. From auditing to tortoise keeping, there’s something you can do.

College is an incredibly fun place to be. Though small – probably no more than 30 metres end-to-end – walking across college can take hours. It’s inconceivable that you won’t bump into someone to chat to. College, then, is much larger in practice than in theory.

When I’m not working on some weird bit of history – I’m into 18th century duelling at the moment – there’s lots to do in Oxford. I cook curries for my flatmates, watch back-episodes of obscure reality TV shows, and do work for Cherwell, one of Oxford’s student newspapers. Mostly though, I waste time making that walk across college, chatting about almost anything.


Holly Stevenson

JCR Treasurer

Hello! I’m Holly and I’m a second year studying History and Economics at Regent’s. This year I’m the JCR Treasurer, which means it’s my responsibility to manage the finances of the junior body at Regent’s. The main part of my role is managing the accounts and reimbursing JCR for any purchases, as well as generally maintaining the good financial health of the JCR. The JCR handles and spends lots of money – on BOPs, at Brew, and for Welfare supplies, for example – and it’s up to me to watch over and reimburse these purchases. This year, I’m eager to unpick and tighten up the budgets, just to make sure we get the most out of our funds. My main priority for now is finishing the Coffee Machine saga, and getting Coffee Club up and running in the JCR. Beyond this, I’m also hoping to set things in place for a one-time purchase for the physical space of the JCR, as we’re in a sound financial position to update it a bit! In usual times, it’s also up to me to make sure we have newspapers in the JCR every morning.

Outside of my role as treasurer, I like to spend my time doing access and charity work. You can often see me promoting Oxford Nightline on Park Life, and I’ve also been involved with Universify Education, Schools Plus, That Oxford Girl, and more. When I’m not doing university work, I enjoy playing the piano (and irritating anyone I can find with Economics facts).


Charlotte Baxendale

JCR Secretary

Hi! I’m Charlotte, a first year Theology student and the new JCR Secretary. I administer JCR meetings, put together the Park Life magazine, keep the college informed on events in the wider university and most importantly organise Brew. Normally, Brew is free tea, coffee and biscuits twice every day in the JCR and is a great chance to take a break and catch up with friends, however, we have had to adapt it to the current climate. It’s something unique to Regents which really helps to create close friendships, no matter what year you are in.

In my spare time, I try to get involved in University Drama. I performed in a student- written, filmed play. I participated in a Shakespeare monologue compilation and entered Cuppers (an inter-collegiate short film competition). I have also enjoyed being a part of the university’s women’s lacrosse team and look forward to competing in matches soon! Alongside this I love going on walks and making the most of the free Pret subscription.


Tom Cunningham

JCR Welfare Information Officer

Hi, I’m Tom, a 2nd year Geographer and the current Welfare Information Officer for Regent’s JCR. My main job is to support the physical and mental wellbeing of members of the JCR and to offer guidance as to the welfare support available from college to help students overcome any problems they are facing. I am also part of regular discussions with the SCR and wider Uni to discuss welfare issues and improve the provision of welfare support.

Aside from this, my role includes the co-ordination of the Welfare Officers (Men’s, Women’s, Gender and Sexualities and Visiting Student’s) and the amazing peer support team, all of whom have been through professional training with the Oxford University Counselling Service. We are here to provide support to every member of the JCR alongside the Junior Deans and Senior Welfare staff. My aim for this year is to continue to make welfare support as accessible as possible so that everyone feels comfortable in seeking help from the welfare team.

I am also really looking forward to working alongside Jonathan and the Freshers’ committee to organise an amazing Freshers’ week next year.

Outside of my Welfare role, I’m very engaged in College sport as the captain of the mighty Regent’s-Benet’s football team and am excited to continue growing our (already formidable) reputation this season.


Scarlett Haig

JCR Bar Manager

Hello, I’m Scarlett! I’m currently in 2nd year, studying Philosophy and Theology, and I’m the JCR Bar Manager. In this role I am responsible for ensuring the bar is fully stocked up with all of your favourite drinks and snacks; managing my bar committee to make sure there are lovely people serving you; and running the accounts to keep money in the bank!

This year I’d like to focus on continuing to run the bar safely, and making sure we are making the most of it under government guidance, and hopefully return to using reusable cups when it’s safe to do so. I’d also like to bring in ice and limes, to give your drinks that extra edge of sophistication!

Besides my role on the JCR exec, I was formerly the JCR’s Environment and Ethics Officer, a role I took great pride in. I also represent student concerns to the Theology Faculty as a UJCC rep, and will soon do this for the Philosophy and Theology consultative committee too, because I clearly have a passion for attending meetings!


Caitlin Whittaker

JCR Social Secretary

Hello there! My name is Caitlin Whittaker, and I’m the RPC Social Secretary for 2020/21. In short, it’s my job to organise weekly events within College to keep you all entertained, which of course is a role that’s been hugely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. At present, I’m trying my hand at a range of online activities (such as Escape Rooms, Pictionary and Netflix Party) but it’s my hope that I’ll be back to throwing real parties soon enough – I have big plans for the coming months! In addition, it’s my belief that no one branch of the Exec should be isolated as we all have a shared goal in mind (that being to keep RPC a fun, safe and welcoming environment), and so I’m aiming to work closely with Tom (Welfare Information Officer) and Scarlett (Bar Manager) to introduce crossover projects to the calendar wherever possible!

In my spare time, I study English Language and Literature, and my hobbies therefore typically include reading and writing. However, I’m also an avid music fanatic (especially where the ‘60s/’70s are concerned!) and I do love a good walk too. It must be said that two of my more distinct characteristics are my bright orange hair and my dulcet Northern accent, so I’m quite hard to miss when I’m walking around Oxford! If ever you spot me, do feel free to come have a natter, as I’ll no doubt appreciate it!


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