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Regent’s Park’s JCR condemns President Vladimir Putin’s decision to authorise an invasion of Ukraine. We recognise the sovereignty of Ukraine as a nation and stand in solidarity.

We condemn the inaction of the UK government and their choice to not fully waive visa requirements for Ukrainians in light of the crisis. There are estimated to be 18,000 Ukrainian citizens in the UK as of last year, and the Eastern European diaspora are an important part of the population in both Oxford and the rest of the country.

We also stand in solidarity with Russian staff and students, whom we recognise are not responsible for the crisis at hand and may be experiencing fear of ostracization and discrimination.

We will endeavor to be more consistent in supporting victims of conflict across the world. We have motioned:

1.    To lobby the college administration to fly a Ukrainian flag above the college in visible support and solidarity with both students and staff affected by the crisis.

2.    To donate £100 to the Ukraine Crisis Appeal as part of the British Red Cross, who are providing essential humanitarian support. 

3.    To ask college to pay particular attention to those in areas of the world which are affected by conflict.

4. We will hold a social equalities forum next week to discuss the Ukrainian crisis and consequences of other armed conflicts further.