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Regent’s Park College JCR is disappointed by the recent events at St Peter’s College, which saw the invitation of Ken Loach to speak in conversation with the Master of St Peter’s. We further want to express our disappointment at the failure of the college to consult students on this event prior to the invitation, and the subsequent failure to respond adequately to the concerns raised by Jewish students of St Peter’s College and across the wider university over the past week.

Despite the concerns raised by these students and numerous British Jewish organisations, including the Oxford University Jewish Society, the Master of St Peter’s decided to continue with the event without addressing Loach’s history of anti-Semitism. Many Jewish students were then subject to further abuse and unacceptable discrimination online.

The Regent’s Park College JCR wholeheartedly supports the response of the St Peter’s JCR in boycotting this event and condemning the actions of the college and its Master. We reaffirm our commitment to fighting anti-Semitism in any form it may take and support our Jewish members, both at Regent’s and across the wider university, and we stand in solidarity with Jews across the world.